Emma Pryde – 'Nature's Prophet'

January 19, 2018 – February 25, 2018

King’s Leap is proud to present 'Nature’s Prophet', a presentation of works by Emma Pryde.  In her first solo show,
Emma Pryde presents the traces of an artificial world. The behind-the-scenes ephemera of a highly sexualized
video-shoot, a series of ceramics that bear remarkable resemblance to creatures from the Pokémon universe, and a
reproduction of Boticelli’s The Vision of St. Augustine from the Altarpiece of St. Barnabas, all come together
to demonstrate a working shorthand toward the simulation of many types of fantasy.

For Pryde, simulation is an experiment that warps our understanding of why these properties are fetishized or
idealized to begin with. Unlike the perfect composite of reality presented in Fassbinder’s World on a Wire, Pryde’s
dense environments of video, sculptures, and painting are feverish reproductions of the tensions inherent to the
original fantasy. They are copies but obviously something is off.

The ideals and expectations projected on to the domain of our fantasies aren’t perfectly translated to our own world
because they already exists here in broken or problematized states. Pornography, Pokémon, and the visions of
Christian theologians all have their own internal narratives that become twisted and unmoored from their native state
as they are transmuted into an image or object. This perversion is not one of something having been lost, but of
something having been added–they have been made heavier by the bulbous protuberances of culture attaching itself
to mythology.

Emma Pryde (b. 1991) lives in Madison Wisconsin. She has exhibited her work at Steve Turner, LA, Arturo Bandini,
LA, The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as screened videos at Magenta Plains, NY, and Video! Video!
Chicago. Pryde is an MFA candidate at UW Madison and she earned a BFA at School of the Art Institute Chicago in
2014. She is an alumni of AZ West, and the Ox-Bow Fellowship.


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